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SomatoEmotional Release (SER)

Life experiences are processed through your body, however when overwhelming, they can get stuck in the tissues. Our bodies can compensate around these held experiences, until the body is no longer able to keep compensating. Symptoms can then arise such as pain, stiffness or loss of mobility.


This is why the cause of pain may be from an old injury site where the body is no longer able to compensate the injury from many years ago. Craniosacral therapy helps your body to release these unprocessed stuck life experiences which then may reduce pain and stiffness, increasing mobility, general health and wellbeing.


During a Craniosacral therapy session, your body may choose to release an old stuck pattern. This process is known as SomatoEmotional Release (SER) which is a term for a spontaneous self corrective process that arises from the body.


My job as your practitioner is to fully support your body in it’s process in a caring, grounded and neutral way. I may gently use therapeutic imagery and dialogue techniques to help you to explore, discover and to facilitate release of held patterns in the mind and body. Also if needed, to offer resources that were not there at the time of the event that created the stuck experience.


SER is not about digging ‘stuff’ up, rather it is about the innate wisdom of the body leading the way and volunteering whatever needs to be processed, released and integrated in that moment.

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