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Session information & pricing


What to expect


When you first arrive I will ask you to fill out a simple personal and medical history form. Then we will take a few minutes to discuss it and any concerns that you may have and also talk about what you would like to address.


You then lay on the treatment table fully clothed with pillows and bolsters if you need them to make yourself comfortable. I recommend that you wear comfortable clothing and shoes need to be removed during the session.


What happens during a CST session


I will then use a light pressure over the clothes (the equivalent to a 20p piece weight in pressure) to identify and release restrictions in the fascia. Because the pressure used is so light and gentle, the body’s tissues do not tighten up in defence and this allows for much deeper work to happen.


Sensations during and after sessions can be varied, however common reports are of pain relief, improved posture, relief or recovery of the condition, deep relaxation and increased wellbeing.


How many sessions will you need


Everyone is unique with individual needs, so it is not possible to give a timeframe. Most people feel some relief after one session and others need several sessions over time. I usually recommend three sessions close together over three to six weeks and see how we go from there. If after these three sessions either of us feel that the sessions are not addressing your needs, then I can refer you to a different practitioner. My aim is to support you with CST so that you can feel empowered and recover quickly and not become dependent on the therapy.


Sessions for adults are 1 hour for £70

The first session is for 1 hour and 20 mins (still at £70), this extra time is for your consultation and for answering any questions that you may have.


For infants and children


I don’t expect your little ones to stay still! If needed, I can work while babies are feeding or being cuddled, or if they are older, on the table or floor whilst they play with toys.


As a mother of twins, I am used to all that goes with young children and have a supply of wet wipes, tissues and toys.


Sessions for children are 30 minutes for £35

The first session is for 50 mins  (still at £35), this extra time is for your consultation and for answering any questions that you may have.




The information that you share with me and what happens in your session is completely confidential, unless I am required by law to share it. If you would like me to share information with another practitioner, I will need your written permission in writing.

Telephone: 07853 370 933  Email:

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